lördag 24 januari 2015

Must have a planner

If you are even vaguely familiar to the scrapbooking world, by now you know that this year we al MUST have a planner. Without a planner, there is just no way we are going to be able to keep on scrapbooking… or heaven forbid… doing our project life pages.

When I saw these beautiful, super expensive, planners flood the market and everyone around me going crazy over them I actually did my very best to motivate why I would need one. I couldn’t figure out one single reason accept that this is yet another thing that the scrapbooking industry designed to make me spend a lot of money. On a rather useless thing at that to, cause I have not used a physical planner since 2001 when my boyfriend gave me a digital planner. Today I would be totally lost without Outlook. 

If I by chance would figure out a reason to go get a planner, and use it as it is meant to be used, I am sure my entire family would die laughing at me. But, this is of cause just me. Don’t misunderstand me, I am sure there are like hundrads of reasons to have a planner and for some people I´m sure they are the gift of God. And that is totally ok cause than you will keep sharing your pretty planners and I can keep trying figure out a reason for me to have one.

This is the size of the pockets. Slightly smaller than a two 4x3 inch pockets. 
But anyway…
As you see...
Eventually I did find a reason to get a planner. But I wasn’t prepared to pay some 300+ kronor for it, especially as I wouldn’t be using most of the stuff in it. Not even mentioning that the one I want wont be avaliable until like september 2018 here in Sweden. 

So instead, I went to one of my favorite stores, Claes Ohlsson and got myself a little binder that is supposed to be used for business cads. It has the perfect size of approximately 13x14 cm and it comes with a number of clear plastic pockets and a set of a-z dividers. All for 56 kronor. 

I used some PL-cards as deviders for each of the projects that I am documenting or working on. 
So what am I going to use my “planner” for then?
Well, as you might have noticed we are in the middle of refurbishing an old schoolhouse built in 1856 that we bought this summer. We do things like painting, wallpapering, putting in new floors and I paint a lot of furniture. Its so much fun! We love it, both me and my hubby. So far we have given two bedrooms a makeover and we are now working on a family room upstairs. You can see more about this under Vintage living.

So… looking at all these beautiful planners I realized I need a planner for our continuing work on the house. I need to save things like costs, colors, wallpaper samples, manufacturer and so on cause when we are in the store picking out a new color, it is good to know the exact hue of the ones we have already used. We want a color scheme that matches together regardless of which room we are doing. We also need to keep track of costs, we need to write down a budget for each room and we need to make shopping lists and plans.

This is why I made this little binder, it is small enough to fit in my hand bag and I costume made the lists we will need. So far, I am quite happy with it. 
One of the dividers, this one is for the "plans" section. 

One of the finnished projects, the bedroom. I dont use or own a lot of washi tape but this one is perfect for this project. 

This is one of the lists I costume made for the planner. This one is for the budget. Not that we are all that good at making and keeping one :)
In front of every type of list I placed a divider, they are slightly taller than the page it selfe.

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Bärbel Born sa...

Planners have been all over the CHA this year. As usual... I love what you make, and this planner is no exception. Beautiful!

Lisa sa...

Beautiful planner! So happy you finally found a use for one...hahaha :)

Mahlin78 sa...

Grymt snygg!