tisdag 18 november 2014

Project life - an other Christmas page with freebies

Project life, pocket scrap, freebies, christmas

If you only knew how hard I have worked to get a pic of this page.
You would probably pat me on the head and say good girl or something like that.

Here in Sweden, the Stockholm area, have had two, I am not kidding here, TWO hours of sun shine during the whole of November. So you can see, it isn’t easy to take a good, sharp photo of a page.

Now, why don’t I live in Florida? Mum? Dad?

But on the positive note, we do, every now and then, have one of those beautiful white Christmases we all dream of. Although, statistic says that only nine of the passed 25 Cristmas Eves was white here in Stockholm. That’s less than 50 percent chance to get one this year.

As I told you I took these photos last year, just before Christmas. I wanted try the freebies I made and actually, I am quite happy with this page. Darn I was creative when I made that little girl. We might not have the standard 2,3 kids, but the one we have is the best quality. We went for quality, not quantity. How ever, I dont think we may say the same thing about that silly cat.

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