fredag 28 november 2014

Project life and a wedding cake

Hey! I´ve got some huge news for you!

Last Sunday we actually got to see the sun!! As I mentioned in a previous post, we had two hours of sunshine here in Stockholm so far in November. TWO hours! But the sun was shining more or less the whole day on Sunday. That means at least like… eight hours of daylight in one day. We are all still in a state of shock.

Of cause the sunshine and beautiful daylight meant I could actually photograph my pages in their pockets and without having to spend too much time on trying to edit them.

I have now reached the end of August and the week when a dear scrapbooking friend of mine got married. She had the courage to let me bake her wedding cake!

Originally I was aiming for a three tier cake but as the wedding was held so far from us and the cake would have to travel more than an hour in a car I didn’t dare to risk it to get damaged during the trip. Instead I made three smaller cakes and of cause about a hundred sugar flowers in her choice of colors.

I wanted this page to be very soft and romantic with not to much colors. I printed all of the photos on a soft gray background, I hope you can see that. I used some papers from Kaisercraft and My Minds Eye. The decorations is from one of my own freebie kits, the one I called Vintage Gray. You can find links to download them on my Facebook page. 

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