onsdag 5 september 2012

Digital stamp

Today I´m blogging at Spellbinders. So if you would like to see what I did with this image you might want to hop over there. This is not a stamp but my own drawing.

Updated 4 november 2012
At the time this post was published I shared the image for free as a digital stamp. If your would like to have the image, it will soon be available for free in my my brand new stamp shop: Momas lil´shop of stamps.

3 kommentarer:

Sue Jones sa...

Thanks you I will send you a pic when I get chance to use it :)

Marge sa...

Thanks again, Monika for the sweet image you drew! I've just returned from a vacation and have TONS of to-do's on my list, but will definitely link you when I do use it!!!

Sylvia Blum sa...

Monika, you are SO talented ... to draw your own stamp images.. that's SO cool! Thanks so much for sharing this cute scenery with us just for free! :-*
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend :)
Sylvia xx