lördag 7 maj 2011

NSD - National Scrapbooking Day

I know, it is a National day in the US, not an INTERnational as we international girls would like it to be, but lets just make it international today so that everyone can play along.

I challenge you to let this sketch inspire you, use the sketch as you would use a map or use a detail. Or, why not just use the colors?

Post a link to your project and I will pick a winner on the 20:th of May who will receive a small secret price. And yes, of cause, flowers of some sort are involved…

4 kommentarer:

La Vikinga sa...

Hi; where's the sketch?

Emelie sa...

Nu har jag fått ihop ett bidrag =)

babbalalla sa...

Här är mitt kladdiga bidrag! :P


Carola sa...

Här har du mitt bidrag :

Tack för den läckra skissen. :P

Kram Carola